For the imaginative couple, you may want to break away from the traditional church and reception hall theme. And many more couples are trying something outside this standard, so you’re sure to find whatever the two of you can think of.

What do you like?

Many couples come up with wedding themes based on where they met or what they like to do together. For example, a couple that met in a particular city may want to celebrate that city, or even hold the nuptials there.

Although more extreme, some couples have exchanged vows while jumping out of an airplane or skiing down a mountain. Why not pledge your love in the waters of a tropical island or create a traditional renaissance fair?

Make up a list of all the things that you might like for your wedding. Let it be everything that you could imagine enjoying. This celebration is for the two of you, so let the wedding reflect the couple that you are.

Showing off

Creating your dream day may be as simple as a few well-placed decorations or an island setting. For a tropical wedding, you may want to stand on the beaches of a favorite vacation place or just decorate the reception hall like a luau. The bridesmaids can wear leis and the groomsmen can wear sandals.

If you’re looking for a more renaissance themed wedding, then you may be able to capture this with medieval music or entertainment a jester might be a great addition. Of course, the outfits that you wear will reflect your theme. A bride dressed as Guinevere and the groom as Lancelot would make for beautiful pictures.

Try to find the recognizable details in the theme of your wedding and incorporate them into the decorating plan. You may also want to find food that would compliment the theme as well. A roasted pig can make a great conversation piece as well as dinner.

And the theme can even begin with the invitations. Try to find a way to signal to your guests the theme of your wedding. Some couples have even had their guests dress the part of the wedding theme as well. It’s like a great big costume party and a trip back in time.

Of course, don’t make it too strange or no one will go along. An alien-themed wedding might seem like a good idea, but if the wedding party is the only one that plays the part, then it can be more awkward than anything.

But it’s your wedding!

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