Summertime allows even the grouchiest of individuals to shed their dark feelings and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. If you are planning your summer wardrobe, look to include brightly colored, hot fashions that mimic the looks and feel of the great outdoors. Do not forget to add fantastic footwear to your summertime wardrobe, as you can finally swear off shoes and treat your feet to sumptuous sandals for the rest of the summer season. Since summertime is usually vacation time for many individuals, also take this time to plan your vacation wear so that you will be prepared regardless of where you spend your holiday.

The first key of super summer fashion is a great pair of Capri pants or cropped pants. Shorts have fallen by the wayside, as most individuals venture into warmer weather in a super hot pair of Capris. Consider buying vibrant colors of Capri or cropped pants and painting them with a killer pair of heeled sandals. For individuals who are a bit more traditionalist, find khakis in crisp white or khaki that can be worn with almost any color under the sun without causing you to overheat in the sun!

Tops are a must-have for summer fashions, with everything from fluttered sleeved, frothy, feminine creations that are sweet and subtle or spicy colored halter tops that make the sultry nights even hotter. You will need more tops in your summer wardrobe than in any other season’s wardrobe simply due to the weather. You may be able to wear a sweater a couple of times during the winter before it needs to be cleaned, but you will find your summertime tops will not last the season unless you have enough in your rotation.

When it comes to shoes, summertime kicks are by far the sexiest of any other season. Old fashioned flip flops or thongs are all the rage, as you can give your feet a rest from teetering in super high heels. Summertime heels are especially great and available in all varieties of juicy colors. The kitten heel is particularly excellent this time of year, when you may be walking over uneven surfaces and may be unable to wear the sky-high stilettos. This is especially great if you are planning on heading off on a great vacation, that you will need suitable walking shoes, but still want to look sexy.

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