At some point in everyone’s life, there is a slowing of the skin aging process. The body begins to stop producing the hormone DHT, which is responsible for the growth of certain male and female patterned hairs on the scalp. The hair follicles slow down the rate at which they can produce the hair.

Early-onset of this process is typically seen in middle-aged men and women. It is most often found when people are in their mid-forties or fifties.

As hair comes in, it is then slowed down in the direction of new hair growth. Eventually, the more abundant hair strands become thicker, and then they start to fall out. Eventually, all the hair begins to recede and thin.

However, as the hair follicles age, they no longer produce enough DHT to keep the hair follicles strong. The DHT then kills off some hair follicles.

As the hair begins to thin, the hair in the same areas appears to be gaining a new form of hair growth. Some people are considered “hair loss” and then it is classified as alopecia areata.

The good news is that we can slow down the process of hair loss, but only if we stop damaging our hair. So we can slow down the process of balding, but we need to make sure that we are protecting our hair.

Anti-aging products are quite effective in doing this. However, to slow down the process of hair loss, we also need to protect the body from an increase in DHT.

While anti-aging products, with the help of a good diet and exercise, can definitely slow down the process of hair loss, it will not cure or prevent the other issues that are actually responsible for hair loss. In addition, by increasing the level of DHT in the body, anti-aging products are not helping to improve or maintain the health of the follicles, as we hoped.

Hair transplants can be effective in preventing or reversing hair loss. They can correct specific problems like issues with hair breakage and loss, as well as prevent other problems such as hair loss and scalp inflammation.

There are many cases where a hair transplant, or even a simple patch of hair reduction, can be all that a person needs to correct and even reverse the signs of aging. Often, a wig or other headpiece will work well.

Hair restoration is very successful for most people with these conditions. But, because of the overall health issues, hair loss is typically what makes this option more attractive to many patients.

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