There comes a time in everyone’s life when a peaceful little getaway is in order. We all enjoy a break from the daily routine and hectic work environment we grapple with on a regular basis. Luckily there are wonderful hot spots to retreat to. One of these quaint yet charming cities is Charleston South Carolina. Here you’ll experience fine seafood dining, a gorgeous historic district, carriage rides, fun haunted tours, and upper-scale shopping galore. If these amenities strike your fancy, then a jaunt off to Charleston South Carolina may be right up your alley. Get ready for a warm climate, friendly southern atmosphere, and plenty of unique scenery.

I can still recall the first time I traveled to Charleston South Carolina. For some odd reason, my wife and I were drawn to the place and just had to check it out. Fortunately, our intuitions were spot-on. It took only a few moments to notice the exquisite charm of this outstanding southern city. One aspect that stands out in my mind is the fine dining. Charleston South Carolina offers a mouth-watering array of seafood, hush puppies, and tasty ale. Is there really anything else needed? On a separate note, visiting Charleston means cobblestone streets and historic architecture. Be sure to bring your camera along on this venture. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to take plenty of pictures. A great way to get some stellar shots is by taking a carriage ride through the most beautiful sections of Charleston South Carolina.

Don’t forget the exciting tours when you visit Charleston. There are plenty to go around and surely something for everyone. My wife and I indulged in the haunted tour. Not only did the tour guide play the part of a ghostly guide, but he also exposed us to the most haunted buildings in Charleston South Carolina. I was astounded to hear some of the crazy old ghost stories. I especially enjoyed the fact that the tour was on foot and not in a trolley. This makes the experience much more personal and intense than simply hearing someone speak over an intercom as you drive around. It’s time you too gave Charleston a shot. I guarantee this incomparable southern city won’t let you down. It’s perfect for romantic getaways and family vacations alike. Enjoy the charms of Charleston South Carolina!

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