Nails have been a fashion staple for centuries. They have been used to disguise and conceal many forms of identity including your true gender, your royal birth, or even your unique status in the society. Long nails were often worn as a sign of sophistication and authority in the ancient world.

The nails have also been made into accessories to enhance the look of their owners. They are not only ornamental but they are also useful in keeping the feet warm and dry during winter. The nails were also made into a fashion statement by women who found it really pleasing to walk with long nails. These nails became a way of life for them.

The use of thick nails had lessened in many parts of the world due to the development of anti-bacterial drugs and the effectiveness of those drugs in combating the infections that caused thick nails. Since some of these medicines contained caustic chemicals that can cause damage to the cuticles and cuticle formation, the women started to develop thick nails naturally. Thicker nails were discovered to be the best protection against infection and were now termed as natural nails.

Today, nail art is a preferred way of having beautiful nails and is becoming more popular among women. The use of the art of nail art on nails to make them look pretty, luster, and shiny are spreading like wildfire all over the world. Nail art involves painting a design on the nails that are formed after a process of finger painting.

The design varies from simple to intricate. Different designs such as nail designs, flowers, vines, or geometrical designs can be done by doing a very simple thing – pinching the ends of the nails. These are then painted with nail polish and show the details of the designs.

As a basic process, nail art is done by first covering the nails with nail polish. Next, the base coat is applied to make the nails shiny. After that, the nails are painted with various designs or colors to achieve a good appearance.

The designs are not limited to the designs of nail polish. There are many things that could be painted on nails. Designs that can be put on the nails include butterflies, butterfly designs, flowers, animals, cute figures, animals, and artworks of different patterns, faces, hands, legs, and any other designs.

Nail polish is available in most of the markets nowadays and the beautification products are available in almost all the beauty salons. For people who are not interested in the beauty salon, they can easily purchase nail art kits at various places like malls, departmental stores, and some websites.

While many men prefer not to wear any nail art on their nails, women too have their preferences in this matter. Women who wish to have thicker and fuller nails also use the art of nail art to add more color and glitter to their nails. The nails can be used to add a more fashionable and stylish look to the nails.

The nail art is also used by many women in beauty salons. To use the art of nail art to increase the beauty of the nails, the nails are carefully cleaned with cotton balls and nail polish is then applied. Care must be taken that the nail polish does not leave the nails out of shape or may even cause them to chip off.

To avoid developing too much pain in the nails, the nail art should be done under the supervision of a professional. Although the art of nail art has not been replaced by nail art, the use of artificial nails has become widespread among women especially due to the advanced technology of artificial nails.

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