Let’s face it: Ketogenic diets, at least in the Western world, have been stuck in the kitchen and the gym. We love to hate it. It is difficult to stick to, but once you do, it has some very positive effects on your health. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider it.

High Levels of Ketones – Now that you know why you should start keto, we can move on to the benefits. Ketones are a useful fat. They’re made from the body’s own fat stores and burn away faster than other fats, so they help regulate energy level and metabolism. If you’re a person who feels lethargic and sluggish on a regular diet, keto will kick start your metabolism and let you keep going.

Lower Stress – A lot of people are at risk of getting ill because of stress. Lots of things affect our blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. With keto, you reduce the effects of those stress levels by up to 50%. It may sound like a very small difference, but you’re basically reducing the amount of stress you feel by a third. That means it has a more profound effect on your overall well-being.

Muscle Building – If you want to build lean, ripped muscles, you should do them with a strict diet. But if you’re a skinny guy, you don’t need a strict diet – keto can actually help you build muscle. You’ll find that it helps keep your metabolism active so that you can keep building up muscle mass.

Sleepier People – Another thing you can do with keto is to give your body more time to rest. Because of the fast pace of modern life, we tend to make ourselves work too hard, and that leaves us tired and worn out. By eating keto, you’re giving your body time to rest and recover.

No Need For Metformin – Another benefit of keto is that it helps control blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes, so using this as a control is crucial. It won’t help you lose weight, but it can help control your sugar levels and help prevent the disease.

No Need For Weight Loss Drugs – This might sound like an obvious benefit, but it’s worth mentioning. The primary reason we use these drugs for diabetes is to help raise our blood sugar levels so that we can better regulate our blood sugar. If you want to lower your insulin levels so that you can make some weight loss easier, keto is a good option.

No More Excessive Fat – As far as unwanted side effects go, this might be the biggest. When we use such substances, we usually use them for weight loss. But keto allows you to enjoy leaner, healthier looking muscles while keeping your metabolism running.

A Few Possible Health Benefits – There are a few benefits to starting keto. Of course, if you’re already healthy, this isn’t much of a concern, but if you want to lose weight or add more muscle, these benefits could be worth keeping in mind.

Your Exercise Needs – Because you’re actually burning the carbs your body uses to make energy, your exercise needs will be lower. Even if you’re an athlete, keto can be a great way to improve your workouts without adding too much fat.

The full effect of keto is still relatively new. Most of what we know about it is from anecdotal evidence from those who’ve tried it, so there’s a lot of subjectivity when evaluating the results.

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